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Former Army S/SGT M. Plante takes you through the corrupt process for his service-connected disability claim. A twenty-four-year fight to victory, with a retroactive payment.

This book addresses many issues that may help veterans in their claim, including benefits veterans and family members may not be aware of.


He will take you through the corrupt adversarial process, altering his medical records, removing and destroying legal documents, obvious ways the VA delayed his case, and many eye-opening issues.

The service-connected disability process is no longer about veterans. Did you know that 70 to 90 percent of claims filed in our court (CAVC) are for attorney’s fees under the Equal Access to Justice Act?

Unjustly enriches attorneys at the expense of veterans and taxpayers. Since 2007 attorneys can receive 20 percent of veterans past-due benefits even if they had nothing to do with the veteran winning the claim.

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    Agent Orange exposure and VA disability compensation

    Current Action

    April 2021

    I have informed all thirty members in the House and 18 members on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee on the Attorneys Fees Issue and the corrupt process for some Veterans obtaining their benefits. 

    I also enclosed the eye-opening opinions of two Federal Judges from our Veterans Court (CAVC) that agree that Congress needs to address the attorney fee issue.

    In 2017 the Court made decisions in 2,882 cases for attorney's frees granted 2,874 under the Equal Access to Justice Act. I will keep you informed on what Members responded.


    Former Construction Company Owner Indicted for Defrauding Federal Program Intended for Service-Disabled Veterans-Owned Small Business.

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    Corruption and Fraud 


    Former VA Employee Charged with Stealing $8.2 million worth of HIV medication. 

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    Home Health Aide Charged with Stealing Money for Disabled Veteran 

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