About the Book


Chapter 1

History of Author's Active Duty

Chapter 2

History of My Case

How I won after 24 years of fighting

Chapter 3

Department of Veterans Affairs Scandals

Chapter 4

Regional Office (VARO)

Appeals Management Center (AMC)

VA Tiger Team

Chapter 5

The Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA)

Chapter 6

US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC)

Chapter 7

VA Office of General Counsel (VA-OGC)

Chapter 8

The Radiation Scandal

Chapter 9

Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA)

Golden EGG for Attorneys

Chapter 10

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

A true story, I am an 87-year-old Korean War Veteran who fought the DVA for over  24 years and finally won my claim with a retroactive award. 

Chapter 2, See the Evidence

In this chapter, I tell and show you how the VA alters medical records, destroys important documents, delays the claim, known as the remand game. They even tried to pay a lawyer thousands of dollars that he was not entitled to of past-due money.

Chapter 2 and 4, See the Evidence

See the evidence and the wrongdoings by the VA Regional Office and the Appeals Management Center.

Chapter 2, 5, and 6, See the Evidence

See how the VA Board members, Veteran Law Judges violate their office's oath and are never held accountable for their actions by making arbitrary, capricious unethical decisions. Outright ignoring the evidence in the claim, remanding the claim again and again for the same reason. 

Violating the Veterans Constitutional Rights. U.S. Supreme Court case Bivens, 403 U.S. 388 (1971). Altering, destroying records, or VA adjudicators making determinations violate the veteran's due process under the fifth and fourteenth amendments. 

Attorney's fees Chapters 6,7,9 and10, See the Evidence

See what they are paid under the Equal Access to Justice Act, about past-due money awarded the Veteran.

Read a copy of two Federal JUdges' eye-opening opinions in our Veterans Court on attorney's fees. December 2006 Congress amended 38 USC 5905 to repeal the criminal penalty for attorneys charging unlawful fees to veterans for representation on their claims. The question is WHY?

VA Office of the General Counsel,

Chapter 2 and 7 See the Evidence

How can they delay a veteran's claim?  Lie and mislead the evidence to the Court. A clear case of lawyer misconduct. 

Chapter 13 and 17 Important Information

For Active-Military, National Guard, Coast Guard, and Reserves. File a pre-discharge claim, disease subject to service-connected, new service-connected Laws in 2020. 

My 280-page book covers much more in detail, such as Department of VA scandals, Corruption, and Fraud against the DVA and the Government.

Chapter 11

Suggestions and Opinions

Chapter 12

What will be the next VA Scandals

Benefits Veterans and Family Members may not be aware of.

Chapter 13 

Active-Duty Military, National Guard, Reserves, Coast Guard

Chapter 14

Corruption and Fraud

Chapter 15

The Bonus Army

Who Murdered the Vets?,  by Hemingway 

Chapter 16


Operation clean sweep

Chapter 17

Veterans Questions

List of disease subject to presumptive service connection

New Laws s/C disability, 2020