Ask the Author

Is Dishonoring Our Military Vets (DOMV) paper back book the same as your previous book, Dishonoring the Honorable (DH)?

Portions of the writings in DOMV have been adapted from my previous published book DH. My new book is 280 pages, with many updates, important information to help you with your case and so much more.

How can I write to M.Plante

By email : By postal mail: M.Plante P.O. Box 129 34 Neill Smith Road Kipling, NC 27543

Why Didn't you just give up? 24 years seems like to long of a fight?

Don't get me wrong there were times when I almost did. But I could not give up when I saw so much wrong doings. This fight was not just about me and my case. it was about fighting for what is right. We learned in the Military that no matter how many times you get knocked down, you get back up and fight harder. That is how I lived my life.

Do you sell wholesale? What about Consignment?

Absolutly, let me know what you have in mind and we will see what we can do.