" I'm not a veteran but have heard about the corruption in the VA. This book is a good read.  The corruption in the VA is unbelievable and disappointing. The author's suggestions are very helpful for veterans fighting for their benefits. Best of luck to the author and his claim  and for all veterans fighting for there rights."

T.A. Rhode ISland

"I am a veteran, who fought for my disability for six years with the VA and I just said the hell with it and gave up. But after reading your book, I  might reopen my case. What I like about your book, you speak on my terms, you tell it like it is, and you provide actual documents as evidence. Once I started reading, I could not put it down. I like the suggestions you make. Everyone should read this book, and you will be surprised at the corruption within the DVA."

R.B. Pennsylvania 

" What a great read of a personal story and the corruption in the VA. Yes, M. Plante I do agree that you are on the D-D-D list . Delay-Denial- and hope I Die. Thank you for the advice, suggestions, and ideas to move forward. "

E.A. South Carolina